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Hurricane Isaias

BillyBob is a tropical storm that is on its way to the continent. It is currently projected to hit the Myrtle Beach area at around the time this project is due: midnight, August 3rd. It currently seems to be gaining strength, and may turn from a tropical storm into a category 1 hurricane by the time it reaches our coast. It is August now, so hurricane season is really about to start picking up. I am concerned about the economic devastation that hurricanes can bring and how the potential damage may be amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently going on. I hope everyone is going to be okay up in Myrtle Beach, but I am a little peeved at how overblown it was in Summerville, SC. I had a dentist appointment today and it was cancelled for the hurricane. It barely even rained here so I ended up having to reschedule my appointment and cancel my camping trip for no reason. I'm tired of hurricanes and want to live in California where I wouldn't have to deal with that kind of thing all the time.

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