Garden Snails

Garden Snails

Lately, I have been looking for a low-maintenance invertebrate to cohabitate with me in my van. The other day, I took a hike at Peach Tree Rock and found my new roomate there. His name is Horace and he is a garden snail.

We have a lot in common. We both don't mind living in a small space, we like climbing trees, and we havem pretty much the same diet of fruits and veggies. I take him with me everywhere!

Here are some things I learned about garden snails while researching how to take care of them

  1. They prefer temperatures between 64 and 80 degrees farenheit
  2. During the winter, they incase themselves in slime and hibernate for months until it gets warm again
  3. Their favorite foods include
  4. They can live up to five years
  5. They need a source of calcium in their cage to keep their shells strong, just like we need it to keep our bones strong.

They are very interesting animals to learn about and I am looking forward to bonding with Horace and watching him snail around the taco bell cup that is currently his home.